Introducing "IValuate" - Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment Software

"Transform your Development Process with the latest M & E and Impact Assessment tool prepared by a team of Software and Social experts."

Logical Framework Approach

The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is a methodology mainly used for designing, monitoring, and evaluating international development projects. It is used worldwide for Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP).

Plan, Monitor and Assess Impact

Plan your interventions by identifying right development indicators. Monitor and Evaluate your work in real time along with Impact Assessment ensuring fund utilization in the right direction.

Transparent and Reliable

Based on open source technology and automation from lowest to highest level, it provides highly transparent and reliable information to help you taking the right decisions at the right time.

IValuate™ is a platform, based on Open Source technologies, that helps you in creating a better world around by efficiently managing your development programs. Developed on Logical Framework Approach (LFA), this unique tool enables you effectively managing all your projects from your centralized office by providing you real-time data from your implementing partners working on field-level and thus, helping you taking right policy decisions and making real-time changes in the processes during the life cycle of the projects.

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