C-LIPS stands for “Community Lips” which means “What Community Speaks”. It is an initiative to promote Social Research to bridge the gaps between Organizations and Communities ensuring the most effective utilization of the resources available for implementing welfare programs.



We guide you in utilizing your CSR capital and resources in the most efficient and effective manner by formulating right CSR Policy and Strategy


We gather field level data for you to Understand the real needs and issues of the target communities, Monitor the work of implementing partners to ensure the fund utilization and Assess impact of the work done


We Identify competent implementing partners for you, Build their Capacity in case it is lacking and Monitor the implementation of programs and make on-ground improvements to obtain the desired results


We help you Assess and Communicate the Impact of your work to your Internal and External Stakeholders


CLIPS India Foundation is a non-profit Social Research Consultancy registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. With an objective to bridge the gaps between development organizations and the communities, we use various Social Research techniques in guiding these Organizations in order to create Tangible Positive Change in the lives of their surrounding communities promoting Sustainable, Equitable and Participatory Development.

The impacts of various development interventions take different shapes. While significant benefits flow forth from different development actions, there is a need to also identify and evaluate the associated negative externalities. Furthermore, for any developmental plan, there is a need to make systematic road map in order to implement them in the most efficient and effective manner.

Director, CLIPS India Foundation

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